RFP Updates

Addenda  #1-2017-11-01

It appears as though that Section 4.2.4 is incomplete on the actual RFP that was distributed, it should include:

  • key contact information, including name, title, phone number and/or email address; AND
  • where a proponent is currently leasing or has recently leased premises to a business tenant, the written submission  from  each  reference  should  include:
    • a brief description of the lease services provided by  the  proponent to the tenant; and
    • an indication as to whether or not the lease  services  provided  were satisfactory with respect to quality, timely response to issues, issue resolution, price;OR

Where a proponent has not previously  leased  premises  to  a  business  tenant, the written submission from each reference should include:

    • a brief description of their relationship to the proponent; and
    • an opinion which speaks to the general character and aptitude of the proponent to provide leased space.