In 1995, the Anishinabek Nation Chiefs-in-Assembly mandated the Restoration of Jurisdiction Department at the Union of Ontario Indians to lead the self-government negotiations with Canada to restore jurisdiction over education.

The Anishinabek Nation Chiefs envisioned negotiation of a self-government education agreement to provide Anishinabek students with culturally appropriated education, and to improve education opportunities to succeed.

In 1997, an Education Working Group was established to support the education negotiations. The working group was made up of education administers, teachers, and leaders to pursue an Education Final Agreement with Canada.

In 1998, negotiations were started with Canada for jurisdiction over education. In 2002, an Agreement-in-Principle was signed.

In 2016, the negotiation of the Anishinabek Education Agreement was completed, and moved forward to the Ratification Process.  The Ratification Process was completed.

Points to Remember

The Anishinabek Nation Education Agreement:

  • have been 20 years in the making;
  • have involved many members of the community since negotiations started;
  • is supported by many Elders and Elders who have passed away;
  • is the vision of the late Merle Pegahmagabow;
  • represents the conclusion of efforts by many of our past Chiefs and Councils;
  • is supported by Anishinabek Nation leadership, Elders, educators, women, youth and interested parents;
  • will see First Nations governing themselves once again;
  • is First Nation control of First Nation Education.